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Amazing! Moab, UT

On day one, @Moab, Utah, lived up to the hype. What an amazing place! The landscape and breathtaking views are really incomparable. The MTB riding is something else. Our Extreme Speed DH crew got their early season share of miles and miles (almost 35 miles to be exact) and hours and hours (make that 5 hours) of pedalling - climbing, flats and some awesome downhill runs. The rocks, red sand and slickrock terrain of @Magnificent7 were a blast. The warm weather and distinct lack of snow also a major bonus! We dropped in @Getaway, then connected with @BullRun to @aarth, then out through the canyon to the main road an home.

A special thanks to @PoisonSpiderBikes for the rental of two #KonaProcess134's and #wholeenchilada for the shuttle ride. Everyone was very helpful and courteous.

The Bull Run ridge line was a great starter for what was to come in the days ahead. Kind of a low shock entry to the intense riding of Moab. Highlights of this trail were the ridge lines and the transitions from red sand trails to slickrock through the desert. The short burst ascents and declines kept your attention and worked out technical skills we needed for our day two adventure.

After riding for a few hours, we hit the ride out...a 3 mile sand road through the canyon. Before a massive climb then descent to the highway and asphalt path back to Moab.

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