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DAY TWO: Holy WOW! What an amazing day! Our second day was certainly a long one (six hours). We started out with a one mile climb uphill.

Madison and Coen both took their downhill #KonaOperatorbikes out for a spin.

Early going they were cursing that decision...but were rewarded later. The idea was a ton of fun downhills..and there was definitely that.

But...there were a lot of long, hard rocky climbs as well. An incredible variety. Definitely a solid black diamond day. We started out on the @UPS trail then connected with@PorcupineRim.

There was pretty much everything you could ask for: huge drops, small drops, rocks, switchbacks, downhill rock steps, big climbs, "scary as you-know-what" ledges, technical sections... Oh yeah, and flat tires, lots of them (four), derailleur issues, and more.

The best and most challenging riding possibly of all time for this crew.

When the worst case scenario is death, you know you're living on the edge (of the cliff that is). Snowflakes at the top and scorching sun at the bottom.

Coen does steep drop on UPS

Coen and Brodie Fox doing last steps on the Rim

Everyone was happy and exhausted when we finally finished our death defying ride.

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