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Just when we thought it couldn't get bigger and better. Captain Ahab gave us another great taste

DAY FOUR: Our good buddy Brody Fox had a special guest join us and lead us on yet another amazing and epic ride. Alan Van Winkle (Brody's coach with "Day Trippers"), from Aspen, Colorado, guided me, Madison, Coen and Brody through the cliffs and ridges of a canyon ride that was nothing less than spectacular and very challenging. The terrain in Moab, just doesn't let up as much super fun as it is super technical. We drove up into the canyon, then dropped in to the river and back up all the way to the top of the canyon via HyMass and then to Captain Ahab for the descent.

Some real cool rock drops....

Although the descent was full of short burst climbs and a ton of yahoos!

Four hours later, we were back where we started and climbed up to the van for our trek back to the hotel for a hot tub and dinner.

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