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Dry Hill Practice Runs

DAY THREE: We were up at a dawn having our breakfast and looking out at the Straigh of Juan de Fuca...hoping the rain would hold off. Well, the rain did hold off and the day was beautiful. The sun should help dry up the course just enough to make for a super fast race tomorrow morning.

Coen spent the morning riding with coach Rhys Ellis, from ZEP Racing and teammate CAT 2 rider, #SamHowe from Jasper. A few laps dialing in the trail...then Coen did a final lap on his sister's new Kona Operator DL...oh oh. "Bad" decision. He is hooked. It was inevitable, the boy keeps growing and now he is more suited for a medium frame. Just have to get his carbon small frame operator sold.

Boy the course is in great shape. The final berm before the finish is absolutley perfect. There's a lot of people repsonsible for making htis a great race lead by Scott Tucker of NW Cup here at Dry Hill, Port Angeles, WA.

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