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Got the ladies...time to start riding

DAY EIGHT started with Coen and me driving to SFO to pick up Sherri and Madison and bring them to the coast. Another sunny day in "Cali" and the girls were happy to be out of YYC and the snow. Happy to see us, but more pleased with the nice weather. We hurried back to Monterey and got the kids ready for their first practice day on the DH course. they got some great laps in, we got some pics and saw some familiar faces and a ton of other high quality riders. There were sooo many athletes! 62+ riders would be racing in Coen's 13-14 year old category. Nine women in the U18 junior race group for Madison.

The DH course was fast and training went great! More Practice on Friday and racing Saturday.

Madison had her first DH training day on her new Kona Operator DL. She was loving it! Excited for her first race of the season.

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