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Double the fun - DH & Dual Slalom practice

DAY NINE was an amazing day! The wind was still and the sun shone brightly. It was going to be a hot one. Starting with a 6am wake up call the kids ate breakfast and were off to DH practice sessions by 8am. Rhys Ellis, of ZEP Techniques Racing joined us in Monterey to do some marketing work for ZEP as well as some coaching for Coen and Madison. The three of them left camp early today.

After the DH practice was over, the kids switched bikes and headed for the Dual Slalom track. Sea Otter is a massive event, so moving from location to location is a major ordeal. The DH course was basically at the opposite side of the raceway from the DS track.

From first glance the DS course is very intimidating and watching the older CAT1 racers practice gives you shivers. It is fast and technical and there were quite a few crashes when the kids got on the track. Madison and Coen both loved the thrill of racing head to head.They had a lot to learn, and practice went well.

After the DS practice was over we headed down to the exhibitor grounds to grab some food, a cold drink and to stop by some of our partners tents, as well as visit a number of companies we like and new ones we've never heard of. We have a great time meeting the guys at the Kona booth and picked up some T-Shirts and hats. The kids posed with their bikes out front for a picture.

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