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DH Race day at Sea Otter

DAY TEN started as nicely as the previous day and the day before. The kids were up early and ready to race. We were all out of camp by 8:30am. Madison met up with her mentor in the Ride Like A Girl program, KAtie Holden. Katie is an ex-pro and world cup DH rider. she is wonderful person and besides simple introductions, she hung out with Madison through training and then at the start of her race. Doing some warm-up exercise with her as well.

Madison had a good race and for her first contest of the year and real race weekend, she did very well finishing 6th place in the U18 women's junior category.

Coen had an amazing morning of training runs, was feeling perfect...and then just out of the starting gate on a big starting push, his chain came off and he rode the race chainless...only this was not the plan. In fact, in one stretch he got off his bike to fix the chain, but couldn't then ran with his bike through a section.

This is NOT ideal. Running is not a sure way to do well at a race...but in light of everything, he finished above ten or more competitors - not last - and let the experience roll off his back. The Sea Otter Classic was just too good a time to stress about this one race. Besides, he had been talking with a number of other riders and they were all very supportive and familiar with the same problems. Such is racing.

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