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Final day at Sea Otter - Dual Slalom Race

Well, it is DAY ELEVEN of the longest road trip of the year. A beautiful morning with lots of excitement as Madison and Coen prepare for their very first ever Dual Slalom competition. This format and the course has been quite a learning experience. The format is simply an elimination bracket. You race twice (in each lane) against another rider and the total time difference decides your fate. Seeding also decides for you somewhat. Madison seeded low and thus started out racing an older, stronger competitor. Her fate was sealed and she did not move one. The comraderie of the women in bike racing is just amazing. Madison enjoyed meeting a number of the racers. #coolbikechicks.

Coen was more in the lower middle of the pack and he had a competitive first run and won, but the second run he was overtaken and the margin was too great so his race day was over early on as well. Still an exciting day and no holds barred, no regrets, format. Here he is winning his first round.

It was an amazing experience and the dual slalom format and clear visibility of the entire race is one of the most exciting events in biking. I truly think this is something that could become a big time race circuit. Coen was riding his Specialized P3 for this race. Not sure if a dirt jumper or something more like a @KonaProcess would be a better fit. The dj is great for the bumps, but lacks the gearing necessary for the sprint sections. We'll experiment and find out in races to come.

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