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First MMBTS Toonie Race of 2017...good night for Coen.

Coen raced in the first @MMBTS Toonie race of the season. The race was on the trail "727". This fun course has the smoothest lines at Moose Mountain, a series of jumps - singles, doubles and small table tops and some serious pedalling sections in the trees. Some like it, some don't. Our verdict is it is fun and fast and a great warm up trail, for sure. it is quite different for the "Moose" traditionalists.

The race went well and there were 70 racers out this evening. Coen was ripping in his training laps and smiling the entire time. He was having fun! It was good to see the local riders hanging out on a nice night - after begin on the road a ton the past couple months.

The relaxed atmosphere led to a crazy fast run for Coen. He not only finished at the top of his age group by a large margin, he actually finished second fastest overall - across all age groups and all riders. The boy was smiling' and flying. Lots of fun, nice to be in our back yard for a bit.

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