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Whistler opening weekend training camp

May long weekend was amazing! The team was there for the Whistler bike park opening day. Coen was stoked to ride with the entire ZEP Racing team for the first time. Everyone was totally amped up.

While Coen was busy taking pics with the team, Madison was already front of the line heading for the lift.

During the long weekend, Madison rode with girls from the race circuit, including Gabby Keen and Bailey Goldstone. As well, Madison spent the entire day Saturday riding with her Ride Like a Girl mentor Katie Holden. One of the many perks of riding with a pro like Katie is getting to do laps with Katie's friends. Madison got to ride a lap with biking legend Tyler McCaul and the incredible Jill Kintner. Talk about an amazing experience!

The kids have a ton of videos they shared, you can find them on the #Xspeedgt Instagram accounts:

Check out Madison on A-Line:

And Coen did a bit of his own magic, also find him on our Instagram page:

So much fun, so much riding not much in the way of photos!

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