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MMTBS Toonie Race night #2. S.H.A.F.T. fun for all racers

What an amazing night for a race! The incredible warm weather with the sun high in the sky all evening resulted in a super fun race night @MooseMountain, Bragg Creek, AB. The riders were stoked and both Madison and Coen were ready to rip. We also had ZEP RAcing teammate, @JackAyrton join us for the evening. He ended up riding in the chainless category.

After our first lap, shuttling back up the mountain road, our SUV got a flat tire. Not the first on this road. The loose sharp mountain rocks have claimed many a tire! I spent the entire evening trying to find a solution to get the truck back to the city. My locking nut was "stripped" so I had my work cut out for me. While I was fixing the flat, Madison and Coen Skrypnek were laying down some fast runs for their race. With Madison having a big crash right before the finish line - she wasn't injured, her bike was fine and she picked herself and crossed the line.

When finishing times were announced, the Extreme Speed Gravity Team kids had fun and ended up on the podium. Coen placed second in the U15 group with some familiar faces, Dylan and Aiden, sitting in first and third. The U15 riders were very fast.

Once they started calling out the ladies open DH racers, the second and third place women were named and they had their own team jerseys...Madison was not hopeful about her time because of her crash. THEN, they called her name, to her surprise, as the first place finisher! She had a pretty fast time, so had a little breathing room for her spill.

All in all, the @xpseedt team had a fantastic night! AND...we got the tire patched thanks to the helpful supplies offered by the always prepared, Moose Mountain regulars, Gerry Fysh and Tara Walmsley.

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